Monday, 14 April 2008 02:51
The police deny involvement, but cannot explain how copies of a DVD that they gathered as evidence from Ballu Khan's home somehow ended up being distributed to Fiji media outlets. Khan's lawyers have a good idea and have identified a certain officer in Fiji Police Special Branch. Welcome to Fiji 2008, where anything goes, courtesy of the country's illegal military-backed regime.
FIJI TV: Police deny involvement in DVD leakage

The Fiji Police Force denies its officers were involved in the
leakage of a DVD seized from Ballu Khan's house into the public

The DVD contains images not suitable for broadcasting - Khan's
lawyers yesterday alleged the leakage is aimed at denying the
businessman the right to a proper trial.

The DVD has been sent to media outlets and has also been widely
circulated in the public.

It was taken from the house of Ballu Khan during a Police raid.
For legal reasons the contents of the DVD can't be broadcast, but
they contain images of Ballu Khan, his partner Agnes Bulatiko and
her extended family.

Khan's lawyers yesterday alleged the DVD was leaked from within
the Police Department.

Peter Williams QC said an officer with the Fiji Police Special
Branch has been identified as the source of the leak from within
the Force.

Police Commissioner, Commodore Esala Teleni denied this when
approached by One National News today.

He refused to answer any other queries on the matter Khan's lawyers
have also hired experts to try and trace where and
by whom the copies were made.